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➢ Freemium - basic version is free to use
➢ Paid plans start from $23 a month

Quick Facts

➢ Rated 4.7 out of 5 from 120+ G2 & Capterra reviews
➢ $4.7 million raised in funding over 2 rounds


Transform Long-Form Content into Video Snippets with Pictory

The Aiifi Verdict

Transform long-form content into short video snippets with Pictory, the ultimate video marketing tool powered by AI. With Pictory, you can easily create high-quality videos from your webinars, podcasts, blog posts, scripts, and more. Perfect for generating leads, increasing conversions, and boosting engagement.

Key Features

  • Create branded video snippets from long-form videos.

  • Turn scripts into high-conversion video sales letters.

  • Add captions automatically to increase reach.

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Product Details

Pictory is an AI-powered online video creator that helps you automatically produce high-quality videos from your webinars, podcasts, blog posts, scripts, and more. Whether you want to generate leads, increase conversions, or boost engagement, Pictory has you covered.

With Pictory, you can:

  • Create short branded video snippets from long-form videos: Pictory’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) gets your content working for you by automatically extracting ‘golden nuggets’ hidden deep within your Zoom, Teams & Webinar recordings. Perfect for sharing across your social media platforms.

  • Turn scripts into jaw-dropping sales videos: Pictory uses AI to automatically create high-conversion video sales letters in just minutes, complete with stock footage, music, and voiceovers. Never miss a production deadline again.

  • Transform blog posts into engaging videos on auto-pilot: Breathe new life into your blog by adding a video. Boost search engine rankings and watch your readership skyrocket.

  • Add captions automatically: Increase your reach; 85% of social media videos are watched on mute! Pictory automatically adds captions to your videos quickly, easily, and accurately. No more expensive outsourcing or wasting hours trying to do it yourself.

The Sales Pitch

Pictory is more than just a video editor. It’s a complete video marketing toolkit that helps you create stunning videos that get results. You don’t need any technical skills or software download to use Pictory. Just upload your content, choose your settings, and let Pictory do the rest.

Pictory is compatible with other popular software tools such as Zapier, WordPress, and Mailchimp, so you can easily integrate it with your existing workflow and automate your video creation process.

Pictory is trusted by thousands of professionals who use it to create incredible videos for their businesses. You can join them today by signing up for a free trial. No credit card required.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your video marketing to the next level with Pictory. Click on the link and get started now!

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