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➢ Paid plans start from $497 a month

Quick Facts

➢ $6.1 million in funding raised over 3 rounds


Tavus Is The Ultimate AI Video Personalization Platform

The Aiifi Verdict

Experience the cutting-edge power of Tavus, the advanced AI video personalization platform. Establish custom connections with thousands of individuals by recording one video and personalizing the next million for your audience.

Key Features

  • Customize videos with viewer-specific variables for personalized engagement.

  • Stand out with various backgrounds, effects, and captivating landing pages.

  • Measure video impact through detailed analytics and insights.

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Product Details

Tavus is the most advanced AI video personalization platform that lets you record one video and personalize the next million for your audience. Whether you want to reach out to prospects, customers, consumers, or recruits, Tavus can help you create custom, one-on-one connections with thousands of people.

With Tavus, you can:

  • Record a video with the general message you want to share

  • Add variables to your template to personalize it to each viewer

  • Generate countless unique AI videos of you without saying another word

  • Choose from different backgrounds, effects, and landing pages to make your videos stand out

  • Track and measure the performance of your videos with analytics and insights

The Sales Pitch

Tavus uses state-of-the-art AI voice and face cloning technology that captures your emotion and personality and perfectly replicates how you speak. It uses the best lip sync engine in the world to match your mouth movements with the generated audio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your communication strategy with immersive, hyper-personalized videos that look and sound like you. Click the link and see how Tavus can help you connect with your audience like never before.

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