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➢ Freemium - basic version is free to use
➢ Paid plans start from $99 a month

Quick Facts

➢ Rated 4.5 out of 5 from 70+ G2 reviews
➢ Trusted by leading companies like Bayer, Logitech & Amazon


Create Awesome Business Videos with Moovly

The Aiifi Verdict

Moovly is an intuitive and easy-to-use online video maker and editor that empowers you to create engaging videos effortlessly. You can choose from a vast library of media objects or use AI to generate videos automatically from text or data.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop media objects on a timeline and animate.

  • Add voice-over, subtitles, and translations with text-to-speech tools in any language.

  • Moovly is cloud-based, so it’s accessible from anywhere, anytime.

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Product Details

Moovly is an online video maker and editor that lets you create videos in any style without being an expert. You can choose from millions of royalty-free media objects or upload your own images, sounds, and videos. You can also use Moovly’s AI video generator to create videos from your text or data automatically.

With Moovly, you can:

  • Drag and drop media objects on a user-friendly timeline to create video scenes and sequences.

  • Animate, synchronize and easily time your objects using Moovly’s powerful animation tools and effects.

  • Add voice-over, subtitles, and translations with text-to-speech tools that can convert any text into natural-sounding speech and captions in any language.

  • Record your screen or webcam with built-in tools that let you capture your screen activity, face, and voice.

  • Export your videos 

  • Collaborate with your team and get feedback on your projects using Moovly’s cloud-based sharing and commenting features.

  • Integrate Moovly with your media, servers, and workflows using Moovly’s API and custom integrations.

The Sales Pitch

Moovly is cloud-based, so you don’t need to install software or worry about compatibility issues. You can access Moovly from any browser, device, or location. You can also integrate Moovly with your favorite tools and platforms, such as PowerPoint, Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Thousands of professionals from various industries and sectors, such as sales and marketing, learning and development, human resources, agencies, and education, trust Moovly.

Ready to try Moovly for yourself? Sign up for a free trial today and get access to all the features you need to create incredible videos for your work. Click on the link and start your video creation journey with Moovly.

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