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Helping You Learn How AI Will Impact Your Business,

Because AI Will Impact Your Business.

The era of AI in business is upon us. That is an unavoidable fact. Things might not be as bad as the media makes out, but the world of business is undergoing a fundamental change before our very eyes. 


The businesses that adapt best, and first, will leverage a new generation of powerful AI tools to truly revolutionize their business. The rest will simply fall behind.


Aiifi is your one-stop shop for AI insights, research, and news. We review the best AI tools, track job losses & regulations, and keep you up to date with how AI is revolutionizing the world of business.

Aiifi in numbers bespoke infographic

Aiifi is the only AI directory that celebrates having less tools, not more.

If you are looking for the best tool or value for money, we have you covered. We do not have thousands of generic or untested tools on our site. Instead, we only showcase the best. 

Join the conversation and bring your business into the world of AI. 

Aiifi is for business people. Although we are AI experts, we are business people at heart, and that drives everything we do here. We look at the real-world application of AI - not the theory - and how it will impact you, your business, and your career. 

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