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➢ Freemium - basic version is free to use
➢ Paid plans start from $24 a month

Quick Facts

➢ Rated 4.6 out of 5 from 850+ G2 reviews
➢ Trusted by more than 700 high-growth organizations
➢ $15 million in funding raised over 3 rounds


Turn Meetings into Your Competitive Advantage with Avoma

The Aiifi Verdict

Cut out the frustration with this end-to-end meeting assistant. Avoma is an AI-powered tool for scheduling meetings, taking notes, sharing summaries, and everything in between. It will feel like your own personal assistant and let you focus on the conversation. Close more deals, get to the point or follow up without delay with Avoma. 

Key Features

  • Schedule meetings with a click using smart scheduling and purpose-driven templates.

  • Focus on the value-add while leaving the note-taking to Avoma.

  • Search back with ease using live-transcribe and bookmark tools.

  • Integrate with leading CRM tools like SalesForce, Zendesk Outreach, and more.

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Product Details

Avoma is an end-to-end AI meeting assistant that helps you capture, analyze, and share important customer information before, during, and after your meetings. Whether you are a sales rep, a customer success manager, a product manager, or a leader, Avoma can help you achieve better outcomes from your meetings.

With Avoma, you can:

  • Schedule meetings instantly with smart scheduling links and agenda templates that get automatically assigned to your meetings based on purpose. You can also schedule group and round-robin meetings and customize your email notifications.

  • Focus on the conversation and let Avoma take detailed notes for you. Avoma transcribes your calls and meetings in real-time and provides human-like AI notes that capture the key points, topics, questions, and action items.

  • Bookmark key moments and categorize them dynamically. You can mark the essential parts of your conversations with live bookmarks and let Avoma summarize and organize them for you. You can also use custom keywords to track and trigger specific notes.

  • Collaborate with your team and share feedback, comments, and snippets. You can build a culture of transparency and feedback across the organization by commenting on the recordings, mentioning your teammates, and sharing snippets of the key moments from your meetings.

  • Learn from your conversations and improve your outcomes with data-driven insights. Avoma provides conversation intelligence that helps you optimize your talk-listen ratio, identify the topics you need to spend time on, measure your meeting effectiveness, and more.

  • Coach your team objectively and consistently with scorecards and playlists. Avoma helps you improve your team’s performance by scoring their meetings based on predefined criteria and providing them with constructive feedback. You can also curate playlists of the best moments from conversations across functions and enable faster learning.

  • Close more deals faster with revenue intelligence and pipeline management. Avoma helps you increase your deal win rate by proactively managing your pipeline and potential deal risks. You can also integrate Avoma with your CRM and automatically save notes to CRM records and fields.

The Sales Pitch

Avoma is compatible with your favorite tools such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and more. You can access Avoma from any device and any browser.

Avoma is trusted by over 700 high-growth organizations that use it to make their meetings more actionable and data-driven.

Ready to try Avoma for yourself? Start using Avoma for free today. No credit card required. Click the link to sign up for a free trial!

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