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➢ Freemium - basic version is free to use
➢ Paid plans start from $15 a month

Quick Facts

➢ Trusted by organizations like Cisco, the British NHS & BNI
➢ Rated 4.7 out of 5 from 80+ G2 & Capterra reviews
➢ Used by over 15,000 teams worldwide


Transform Your Meetings and Boost Productivity with

The Aiifi Verdict

Looking to optimize your meetings and boost productivity? Look no further than, the all-in-one meeting management software trusted by over 15,000 teams worldwide. With, you can easily schedule and customize meetings, capture important details, track progress, and securely access all your meeting data from any device and location.

Key Features

  • Automatic capture and transcription of meeting minutes, decisions, and action items.

  • Organized project views with critical features such as scope, budget, and timeline.

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Product Details is an all-in-one meeting management software that helps you run efficient and productive meetings with your team and clients. It is designed for freelancers, startups, and enterprises who want to streamline their meeting workflow and boost workplace efficiency.

With, you can:

  • Sync one or more calendars and easily schedule meetings: You can connect your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any other calendar app to and see all your meetings in one place. You can also create a personalized booking page and send invitations to your team and guests with a few clicks.

  • Customize and share meeting agenda templates with attendees: You can choose from various templates or create your own to suit your meeting purpose and style. You can also collaborate with your attendees on the agenda before, during, and after the meeting.

  • Capture meeting minutes, notes, decisions, and action items automatically: You don’t have to worry about taking notes or missing essential details during meetings. uses AI to capture and transcribe everything in your meetings, including minutes, notes, decisions, and action items. You can also easily edit, approve, and share them with your team and clients.

  • Set clear goals and track team progress towards them: You can define your meeting objectives and expected outcomes with and align them with your team’s goals. You can also monitor your team’s progress towards achieving them and get insights on improving your meeting performance.

  • Manage every project with a unified view and capture critical features: You can organize all your meetings by project and see all the relevant information in one dashboard. You can also capture essential elements such as scope, budget, timeline, risks, issues, and dependencies for each project and keep them updated.

  • Integrate with popular tools like Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and more: You can enhance your meeting experience by integrating with the tools you already use and love. You can start or join Zoom meetings from, send meeting summaries to Slack channels, sync meeting data with Google Workspace or Microsoft Teams apps, and more.

  • Access your meeting data securely from any device and location: You can access all your meeting data from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and any location (office, home, or on the go). You can also rest assured that your data is safe and secure with’s encryption and compliance standards.

The Sales Pitch is trusted and used by over 15,000 teams worldwide, from freelancers to enterprises. Startup Grind, the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world, backs it. has been featured as one of the top SaaS startups at the Startup Grind Global Conference 2023 in Silicon Valley.

Whether you are a project manager, a business owner, a consultant, or a freelancer, can help you take your meetings to the next level. is more than just a meeting management software. It is an intelligent meeting assistant for the modern workplace.

Ready to take your meetings to the next level? Try for free today to see how it can help you achieve your goals. Click on the link to get started now!

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