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How Football Teams Use AI To Prevent Injury

As part of our series detailing the use of AI in football, we have looked at the various ways sports organizations are deploying artificial intelligence to improve their performance both on and off the pitch. We have looked at some of the unique ways some of the biggest names in football are using AI in their own ways, from Arsenal’s in-house approach to United’s global partnerships. Here we will see how AI is being used to prevent injuries at some of football’s biggest clubs.

Artificial Intelligence Injury Prevention

How Bayern Munich Uses Artificial Intelligence

The Bavarian juggernaut is nicknamed FC Hollywood for a reason. Bayern enjoy the lion's share of resources in the Bundesliga and have long been at the forefront of drives to modernize the game. They use artificial intelligence in many of the same ways as the other clubs discussed here, but they excel in one particular application of AI.

Bayern Munich are arguably the leaders in terms of deploying AI to prevent injuries and maintain player health. Once again, the technologies are essentially the same as those mentioned above. Computer vision is used to ingest all sorts of game and training data, which is then analyzed by deep learning algorithms. Is a player favoring one foot over the other, or turning more slowly than usual? If so, then it might be time to give him a rest.

Artificial intelligence can monitor player biometric data and warn the coaching staff when a player is running at a higher risk of injury than normal. This allows the club to prevent rather than heal injuries, protecting the club's most valuable assets.

How PSG Uses Artificial Intelligence

One way that PSG uses AI differently to other clubs is their use of "wearables" to gather player data. As we have spoken about previously, ultimately the key differentiator for artificial intelligence technologies will be access to data. PSG see data coming from player-worn devices as key to better understanding their risk of injury.

Of course, the Parisian giants use artificial intelligence in many of the same ways as the other clubs. However, as the use of AI proliferates and first-mover advantages become eroded, how clubs use AI will be a more important factor than whether or not they use it at all.

How Liverpool Uses Artificial Intelligence

The storied English Premier League club have not revealed much about their use of artificial intelligence but they are known to deploy the technology to help prevent injuries. Similar to PSG, Liverpool leverage “wearables” data for measuring performance and output as a way to track player welfare.

The club has partnered with Google DeepMind to enhance their data analytics and sports science ventures. As the club continues to enjoy the service of perceived older players, the 31 year old Mo Salah being a prime example, this approach appears to be paying dividends.

How Manchester City Uses Artificial Intelligence

Man City have undergone change like no other team in football over the last decade or so, both on and off the pitch It is true, of course, that the club’s success has come from massive investment from its generous owner, Sheikh Mansour. However, the club has invested incredibly well.

While the hiring of the all-conquering manager Pep Guardiola or superstar Erling Haaland generates plenty of media interest, investment behind the scenes garners far less attention. One such area is the partnership with the multinational technology giant SAP. While SAP might be better known for supply chain management or CRM software, they are also global leaders in AI-driven sports analytics.

Again, details are somewhat thin on the ground for exactly how City uses this technology, it is understood that the system offers real-time data analysis and insight into player fitness, fatigue, and potential injury risk.

How AI Can Prevent Injuries in Football

Artificial Intelligence is being deployed in every sport, from pickleball to the NFL and European football clubs are no different. The same technologies and data being used to improve training methods and decision-making can also help prevent injuries by better understanding player fitness and performance.

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