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AI Automation Agencies And The Growing Demand for AI

As AI Automation Agencies (AAAs) are a brand new concept, there is little content of value available on starting and running an AAA. In particular, there needs to be more content on how to identify potential clients, approach potential clients, and what products and services the clients of AI Automation Agencies demand.

As we discussed in a previous article, while the use of the term AAA is new, the actual business model behind AAA is not. With the explosion of interest in AI since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, several surveys and studies have been conducted among businesses on AI and its use by companies.

In this article, we are going to deep dive into two recent surveys that ask small business owners about their use of AI and what they could use AI for in their business. So for those looking to start and grow an AAA, data on what products and services clients want is already available! It does not have the name "AAA" in it, but that does not impact the insights we can glean from it.

Please continue reading below for our breakdown and analysis of these two AAA-related surveys' main points of interest.

Close up of a calculator on a desk with a printout of a pie chart beside all overlayed with some AI graphics and the word "demand"

GoDaddy Survey of U.S. Small Businesses on Generative AI - April 2023

In April 2023, GoDaddy surveyed more than 1,000 small business owners in the U.S. to gauge their awareness and perceptions of Generative AI. 98% of the businesses had fewer than 50 employees.

Here are the highlights AAA owners need to know:

  • Only 11% of the 1,000+ businesses surveyed have tried using Generative AI for their business:

GoDaddy Survey of U.S. Small Businesses on Generative AI Infographic on AI Tools Adaption

  • Of that 11%, 75% thought the Generative AI tool they used performed either "Very Well" or "Excellent". Only 4% thought it performed "Poorly".

GoDaddy Survey of U.S. Small Businesses on Generative AI Infographic on Generative AI usage

  • Of the 1,000+ small businesses, 57% are interested in using generative AI tools for their business.

GoDaddy Survey of U.S. Small Businesses on Generative AI infographic on the interest level in potentially using AI tools

Aiifi's Key Takeaways from the GoDaddy Survey

57% of businesses want to use Generative AI tools, but only 11% have used them.

This indicates a significant untapped market of businesses interested in Generative AI tools. AAAs who get in front of small businesses will have a very receptive audience for their AI product and service offerings.

3 out of every four who tried AI were very impressed

Of the 11% who did try Generative AI tools, 75% thought they performed either "Very Well" or "Excellent". Only 4% thought it performed poorly. This highlights that the correct application of AI products and services by an AAA will likely result in very high client satisfaction.

The demand from small businesses for AAA is there.

Those who tried it are impressed, and those who have yet to are keen to start. They want to use AI as they know it can help their business, but they need to figure out how to apply it. For AAAs, the message is simple - go to a company interested in AI and apply AI effectively for them. They will likely be very impressed if you apply it correctly.

Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Survey - May 2023

In May 2023, Intuit QuickBooks commissioned a survey of 1,000 U.S. small business owners with 0-200 employees asking about their plans for technology investments to drive growth:

  • 32% of businesses want to use AI tools for analyzing customer trends and behaviours

Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Survey Infographic on how business owners plan to use AI tools

  • Demand for the automation of financial operations is vast.

Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Survey Infographic showing the business operations businesses most want to automate

  • Even the smallest firms are planning to invest heavily in technology in 2023.

Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Survey Infographic on expected business investment in technology

Aiifi's Key Takeaways from the Intuit QuickBooks Survey

Businesses want to analyze their customer trends and behaviours data

32% of the surveyed owners want to use AI tools for this reason. An AAA that expands beyond beginner solutions like chatbots and content generation into using machine learning to help clients glean new insights from the data they have about their customers will see huge demand for their services. The market for AAA products and services increases in tandem with the complexity of your offering.

Massive market for automating operations, particularly in finance

Nearly 7 out of 10 businesses want to automate their expense management and invoicing operations. The demand for automation is there. AAAs need to come up with solutions to satisfy this demand.

Businesses are willing to pay for the technology

35% of owners said they lack time to complete important tasks. They do not have time to research and learn how to use AI tools. Even small businesses have the cash to invest in business technology. An AAA offering practical solutions that solve business problems will find a ready market of buyers for their services.

In Conclusion

These two surveys highlight three main things:

  1. More than 50% of small firms want to use Generative AI tools & services

  2. Well over 50% of firms would like to automate their finance operations

  3. Business owners have money allocated to spend on AI & technology

The key point is that AAAs who embrace complexity to solve their client's business problems will be well rewarded. AAAs hoping to make some easy money with a copy-and-paste chatbot or selling second-hand ChatGPT prompts will only survive for a short time. Innovate, high-quality AI solutions are what the market is demanding.


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