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➢ Freemium - basic version is free to use
➢ Paid plans start from $14 a month

Quick Facts

➢ Trusted by leading companies like 3M, PWC & Deloitte
➢ Used by over 1,000,000 users & leading companies


Impress Your Audience with Sendsteps’ Interactive Presentations

The Aiifi Verdict

Transform your presentation skills with Sendsteps – the revolutionary AI tool that creates stunning presentations in minutes. Say goodbye to the hassle of research, writing, designing, and formatting with Sendsteps!

Key Features

  • Upload any document or describe your topic to Sendsteps and let it do the work for you.

  • Get interactive with polls, quizzes, and word clouds to engage your audience.

  • Save time and hassle with AI-generated content, design, and storytelling.

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Product Details

Sendsteps is a web-based software that allows you to create presentations in two ways:

  • Document to presentation: You can upload any document (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or txt) and let Sendsteps summarize it and generate an interactive presentation for you. This is perfect for converting informative documents, academic papers, or product brochures into engaging slideshows.

  • Text to presentation: You can also describe your topic to Sendsteps and let it create an interactive presentation for you. This is ideal when you have a subject but need more inspiration or content. Provide a brief description of your topic and let Sendsteps do the rest.

In both cases, Sendsteps will use its advanced AI to generate interactivity, design, and content for your presentation. You can also choose from various pre-made templates or develop one with AI. You can customize your presentation as you wish, changing the font, text, color, images, and sounds.

Sendsteps is not just another presentation software. It is a revolutionary tool that leverages the power of AI to help you create presentations that are:

  • Interactive: Sendsteps allows you to engage your audience during meetings and presentations with interactive activities such as polls, word clouds, quizzes, and more. You can also get instant feedback and insights from your audience using Sendsteps.

  • Smart: Sendsteps uses machine learning to provide unique, plagiarism-free content matching your topic and audience. It also helps you with the design and storytelling aspects of your presentation, making it visually appealing and coherent.

  • Fast: Sendsteps saves you up to 10x the time when creating presentations compared to manual methods. You don’t have to worry about researching, writing, designing, or formatting your slides. Just tell Sendsteps what you want and let it handle the rest.

Sendsteps is designed for anyone who needs to create presentations for work or education purposes. Whether you are a business professional, an educator, or an event organizer, Sendsteps can help you with your presentation needs. Some of the benefits of using Sendsteps are:

  • In business: You can use Sendsteps to create presentations for sales pitches, marketing campaigns, product launches, training sessions, team meetings, and more. You can also use Sendsteps to interact with your clients, partners, or employees and get their opinions and feedback.

  • In education: You can use Sendsteps to create presentations for lectures, seminars, workshops, assignments, or exams. You can also use Sendsteps to connect better with your students and stimulate their learning and participation.

  • During events: You can use Sendsteps to create presentations for conferences, webinars, workshops, or festivals. You can also use Sendsteps to make your events more memorable and fun by involving your audience in interactive activities.

The Sales Pitch

Sendsteps is the first AI interactive presentation software to change how you create and deliver presentations. It will save you time and effort while helping you create engaging and interactive slideshows that impress your audience.

Don’t wait any longer. Try Sendsteps today for free and see how it can transform your presentation skills. Click on the link and start creating outstanding presentations with AI!

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