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Quick Facts

➢ Rated 4.9 out of 5 from 1,100+ Trustpilot reviews
➢ Top firms like Amazon, PWC & Google have hired users
➢ Used by over 1 million job seekers around the world


Transform Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile with Resume Worded

The Aiifi Verdict

Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform that helps job seekers optimize their resume and LinkedIn profile. With tailored feedback based on over 20 criteria, you can improve your resume score and increase your chances of getting hired.

Key Features

  • Access 250+ sample bullet points from top resumes across all industries and skills.

  • Optimization for compatibility with ATS systems and online applications.

  • Keyword recommendations to boost visibility and attract recruiters.

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Product Details

Writing a resume and LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed by recruiters and employers can be challenging. You need to showcase your achievements and skills, use the right keywords and format, and avoid common mistakes and errors. But how do you know if your resume and LinkedIn profile are effective and optimized? That’s where Resume Worded comes in.

Resume Worded is the ultimate resume and LinkedIn optimization platform that uses AI-powered technology to give tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. It is designed by top recruiters who know what recruiters and hiring managers look for in candidates.

With Resume Worded, you can:

  • Get instant feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile based on 20+ criteria that recruiters and hiring managers consider. You’ll get a detailed report with your resume score and suggestions on improving each section and bullet point.

  • Learn how to write impactful and concise bullet points showcasing your achievements and value. You’ll get specific tips on how to use action verbs, metrics, and results-oriented language. You’ll also get access to over 250+ sample bullet points from top resumes across all industries and skills you can use as inspiration or copy-paste.

  • Find the best keywords and buzzwords to use for your target role and industry. You’ll get a list of the most relevant and in-demand keywords to help you pass ATS (resume scanners) and online applications. You’ll also learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords that will boost your visibility and attract recruiters.

  • Access over 250+ sample bullet points from top resumes across all industries and skills. You can use these as inspiration or copy-paste them into your resume. You can filter them by industry, skill level, job title, etc.

  • Optimize your resume for compatibility with ATS (resume scanners) and increase your chances of getting past the initial screening stage. You’ll see how your resume’s template and format affect its readability and compatibility with ATS systems and how to fix any issues.

  • Track your resume score and progress over time. You’ll be able to see how your resume improves with each edit and feedback session. You’ll also be able to compare your resume with other resumes in your industry and skill level and see how you stack up against the competition.

The Sales Pitch

Resume Worded is trusted by over 1 million job seekers globally and has helped hundreds of people land jobs at top companies like Google, Amazon, PwC, and Credit Suisse. It has been featured on reputable media outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, The Muse, and more.

Resume Worded is compatible with any word processor or online platforms, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canva, or LinkedIn. You can upload your resume or LinkedIn profile URL and get instant feedback for free. You can also upgrade to a Pro account for unlimited access to all features and tools.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, Resume Worded can help you take your career to the next level. Don’t let a poorly written resume or LinkedIn profile hold you back from your dream job. Try Resume Worded today for free and see how it can transform your resume and LinkedIn profile in minutes.

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