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➢ No cost as the product is in beta
➢ Adobe will explore monetization ideas in the future

Quick Facts

➢ Powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology
➢ Adobe is listed on NASDAQ under ticker: ADBE


Launch Your Podcast in Minutes with Adobe Podcast

The Aiifi Verdict

Tell your story today with this reliable and user-friendly audio assistant. From podcasting superstars to aspiring journalists, Adobe Podcast helps you master audio in minutes. Record, transcribe, enhance, and share your story with the world or just your friends. Whatever your podcasting needs, this tool has you covered. 

Key Features

  • Record remotely with one click and automatically combine multiple sources in the cloud.

  • Edit audio via text using an onscreen transcript instead of waveforms.

  • Improve your mic setup and get optimal clarity with Adobe Podcast’s Mic Check AI.

  • Create and share templates for faster and easier workflow and collaboration.

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Product Details

If you are a podcaster or an aspiring one, you know how challenging creating and editing audio content can be. You need a reliable and user-friendly tool that can help you record, transcribe, enhance, and share your podcasts with the world. That’s why you should check out Adobe Podcast, the AI-powered audio recording and editing tool that works entirely online.

Adobe Podcast is designed for people with stories to tell, whether you’re a professional podcaster, a journalist, an educator, or a hobbyist. With Adobe Podcast, you can:

Record Remotely

Record audio remotely with anyone by simply sharing a link. No need to install software or worry about audio quality. Adobe Podcast records everyone’s audio locally and automatically syncs it in the cloud.

Text-to-Audio Editing

Edit audio using a transcript instead of waveforms: Powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology, Adobe Podcast lets you easily cut, rearrange, and fine-tune your audio by editing the words on the screen.

Enhance Your Voice

Adobe Podcast’s Enhance Speech feature removes background noise and sharpens your voice’s frequencies, making it sound like everything was recorded in a professional studio.

Collaborate At Speed

Start with a template or create your own: Adobe Podcast offers project templates to make your workflow faster and easier, or you can create and share your own templates to collaborate with others.

The Sales Pitch

Adobe Podcast is more than just an AI tool. It’s a platform that helps you unleash your creativity and tell your stories in the most engaging and effective way possible. Whether you’re new to podcasting or an experienced pro, Adobe Podcast can help you take your audio content to the next level.

Adobe Podcast is currently in beta and available by request only. If you want to be among the first to try this revolutionary AI tool for podcasting, sign up now and request access.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your podcasting to the next level with Adobe Podcast. Click the link to request access today!

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