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Liam Browne is an expert on the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace and has been writing about real-world economics since 2018. Liam co-founded Aiifi, a firm dedicated to the practical application of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the workplace, in order to help workers learn how AI will impact their careers and their businesses.

Liam’s career has centered on technology transformation and FinTech implementation, but always from a business perspective. This, combined with his formal education in economics, makes him well-placed to discuss how AI will impact our working lives.

Economics is a much-maligned term these days and Liam can see why. He uses the word economy to refer to all human activity, particularly productive activity, and not anything abstract. Liam strongly believes AI is in the process of revolutionizing how we work and in this sense that he talks about economic impact.

Liam holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) from University College Cork and a Masters in Business Economics (MBE) from KU Leuven. He also achieved Dean’s List honors during an exchange program at Salve Regina University.

An adventurer at heart, Liam has studied and worked in Ireland, The UK, Belgium, Poland, The USA, and Mexico.

Liam Browne

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