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Fergal O'Shea is a cofounder at Aiifi, a firm dedicated to the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. Fergal specializes in researching and writing about AI tools, the use of AI in the workplace and the impact it will have on both employers and employees.

Before devoting his time to Aiifi, Fergal spent over a decade in finance, where he held various "head of" roles across multiple functions and locations. In his most recent role, he co-authored a peer-reviewed AI research paper titled "A Graph-Based Approach to Client Relationship Management in Fund Administration". This paper was published in the academic journal "Machine Learning With Applications" in December 2022.

Fergal is a passionate believer in the power of AI to eliminate repetitive, unfulfilling tasks in the workplace. He maintains that workers should educate themselves about AI rather than fear it and recommends gaining hands-on experience with AI tools. In doing so, individuals can better understand the transformative potential of AI in the workplace.

Fergal holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) from University College Dublin. A keen traveller, he lived for two years each in Australia and Cyprus and half a year in Thailand.

Fergal O'Shea

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