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6 Best AI Video Editor Tools for 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the realm of video editing, making the process more streamlined, intelligent, and user-friendly. While traditional video editing can be labor-intensive and typically requires some expertise, AI-powered video editing tools now present solutions that automate intricate tasks, optimize workflows, and augment creativity.

In today's dynamic digital content landscape, a robust and reliable video editing tool is no longer a luxury but a professional necessity. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a content creator, an educator, or a novice embarking on your video editing journey, AI video editing tools can significantly enhance your work output and efficiency.

In this blog post, we're diving into six of the best AI video editing tools that have made waves in 2024: Wisecut, Wondershare Filmora, Veed, InVideo, Descript, and Dubverse. We'll unpack each tool's unique features, benefits, and pricing, providing a comprehensive guide to help you pinpoint the tool that best aligns with your professional needs. Let's delve into the exciting potential of these AI tools and explore how they can propel your workplace performance to new heights!

Man editing video on computer with AI tools

The 6 Best AI Video Editor Software Tools

1 - Wisecut

Wisecut Homepage


Welcome to the future of video editing with Wisecut! This cutting-edge software utilizes AI and voice recognition to streamline your editing process, handling everything from short clips to 90-minute videos. Whether for promotional videos, social media clips, or client presentations, Wisecut transforms your talking videos into crisp, engaging content.


  • All-In-One Editing: Wisecut offers comprehensive editing, reducing video length, eliminating silences, generating subtitles, creating jump cuts, and syncing background music, all with no advanced editing skills required.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency: Wisecut's AI automatically removes lengthy pauses for a smoother, more engaging video narrative. This frees up your time for more content creation.

  • Simplified Storyboarding: Wisecut transcribes your speech, creating an intuitive storyboard. Editing becomes as easy as rearranging text and scenes.

  • Harmonized Audio Balance: Wisecut's AI adjusts music volume according to speech presence, ensuring your message is always heard clearly.

  • Effortless Music Syncing: Wisecut's AI selects and syncs background music for your video, eliminating the hassle of manual music matching.

Whether you're a business leader, educator, marketing professional, or content creator, Wisecut provides a simplified, time-saving solution for your video editing needs. With Wisecut, you can focus on what truly matters - creating impactful content. Experience the future of video editing with Wisecut today.


Wisecut Pricing Plans

Wisecut offers four pricing plans:

  1. Free ($0/month)

  2. Starter ($15/month or $10/month if billed annually)

  3. Professional ($57/month or $29/month if billed annually)

  4. Enterprise (custom quote available on request for large teams)


2 - Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Homepage


Unleash your creativity with Filmora, an AI video editor that redefines the video editing experience. Catering to both seasoned professionals and beginners, Filmora's user-friendly interface is just the tip of the iceberg. Its real strength lies in the powerful AI-driven features that streamline and enhance your creative process.


  • Auto Reframe: Let AI handle the technical aspect of reframing your shots, ensuring each scene is optimally composed.

  • Motion Tracking & Speed Ramping: Inject dynamic movement and manage the pace of your scenes with these AI-supported features, adding a new dimension to promotional or explainer videos.

  • Instant Mode & Preset Templates: Boost productivity with AI-generated editing sequences and readily available templates - perfect for quick turnarounds on client projects.

  • AI Smart Cutout: This feature lets you isolate and manipulate elements in your video effortlessly, allowing more flexibility in post-production editing for detailed project briefs.

  • AI Audio Stretch & AI Audio Denoise: Enhance your audio tracks with AI capabilities that extend audio duration and minimize noise, crucial for professional-grade audiovisual presentations.

Filmora transcends the boundaries of traditional video editing software by marrying creativity with AI. Its suite of AI-driven tools simplifies the editing process and enhances your creative potential. From scripting to audio optimization and editing automation, Filmora's AI capabilities are designed to bolster your creative workflow, enabling you to deliver high-quality results.


Wondershare Filmora Pricing Plans

Filmora offers three pricing plans:

  1. Annual Plan ($49.99/year)

  2. Cross-Platform Plan ($59.99/year)

  3. Perpetual Plan ($79.99/one-time payment)


3 - Veed

Veed Homepage


Welcome to the future of video editing with VEED. This powerful, AI-driven tool operates within your browser, making professional video editing accessible and efficient for content creators, teams, and even novices in video production. By automating complex tasks, VEED enables fast and enjoyable creation of high-quality videos.


  • AI-Powered Video Editing: is democratizing video creation. By automating intricate and often tedious tasks, it enhances the speed and satisfaction derived from video creation.

  • Background Removal: VEED lets you remove the original background from your videos and replace it with a static or moving virtual backdrop, helping your content stand out.

  • Magic Cut: Mistakes and filler words are a thing of the past. With Magic Cut, your ready-to-share video is just a click away, stripped of errors in seconds.

  • Background Noise Removal: Sound as good as you look. VEED's AI tool can clear out background noise from your videos, ensuring crisp and professional audio quality.

  • Auto Subtitles: Take engagement up a notch. VEED lets you add auto-subtitles to your videos with a single click, potentially enhancing viewer interaction by up to 80%.

When you choose VEED, you're not just opting for a video editor. You're investing in a future-proof tool committed to continual innovation. With its impressive feature set, VEED is a valuable ally in your journey to create impactful video content. So, when it's time to create, remember: all you need is VEED.

Pricing Pricing Plans

VEED offers four pricing plans:

  1. Free ($0/month)

  2. Pro ($30/month or $24/month if billed annually)

  3. Business ($70/month or $59/month if billed annually)

  4. Enterprise ($100/month)


4 - InVideo

InVideo Homepage


Unleash the power of AI with InVideo, an ingenious video creation platform. With its ultra-simple interface, InVideo empowers professionals to transform their ideas into engaging videos; no extensive experience required.


  • AI-Powered Text to Video: Turn any text – blog posts, articles, you name it – into a captivating video in minutes, making your content more engaging.

  • AI-Generated Scripts: No more scriptwriting woes; Give InVideo a prompt, and watch as it crafts a compelling video script.

  • AI-Assisted Editing: Edit with ease using AI-powered shortcuts for tasks like background removal, adding stock media, and branding your video with your specific colors and fonts.

  • AI-Enhanced Workflow: From template selection to animation, AI simplifies your process for quicker results.

  • AI-Curated Stock Media: Choose from over 8 million AI-curated stock media assets to bring your vision to life.

InVideo is the secret weapon for professionals aiming to boost productivity and create high-quality videos. Whether it's enhancing your social media, starting a new revenue channel, or streamlining your workflow, InVideo has you covered.


InVideo Pricing Plans

InVideo offers three pricing plans:

  1. Free ($0/month)

  2. Business ($30/month or $15/month if billed annually)

  3. Unlimited ($60/month or $30/month if billed annually)


5 - Descript

Descript Website Homepage


Descript is a dynamic tool revolutionizing video and podcast creation. As an all-in-one platform, it integrates a variety of functionalities for writing, recording, transcribing, editing, and sharing.


  • Video Editing Tools: Descript simplifies editing with features for multi-track adjustments, smooth volume control, and quality-enhancing effects.

  • Script-based Editing: With Descript, edit videos directly through the transcribed text—a unique feature that streamlines the editing process.

  • Studio Sound: This AI-powered feature enhances audio quality by isolating voices, regenerating audio, and removing background noise.

  • Filler Word Removal: Descript uses AI to eliminate filler words, making the speaker sound more eloquent.

  • Overdub: Users can create a text-to-speech model of their voice or select from realistic stock voices, allowing easy corrections and additions to recordings.

Descript combines advanced AI features with a user-friendly interface, making it a one-stop solution for all audio-visual needs. Whether you're looking to create professional-grade content, improve team communication, or streamline your workflow, Descript is your tool to elevate projects to the next level.


Descript Pricing Plans

Descript offers four pricing plans:

  1. Free ($0/month)

  2. Creator ($15/month or $12/month if billed annually)

  3. Pro ($30/month or $24/month if billed annually)

  4. Enterprise (custom quote for large teams available on request)


6 - Dubverse

Dubverse Website Homepage


Dubverse - your secret weapon for video editing! This advanced tool leverages AI technology to automate video dubbing and translation. With features like AI-powered video dubbing, impressively human-like text-to-speech voices, and multi-language support, Dubverse is a game-changer for creators looking to produce high-quality multilingual video content.


  • AI-Powered Video Dubbing: Let AI work for you! Dubverse employs state-of-the-art translation and text-to-speech technology, quickly delivering ready-to-publish dubbed videos.

  • Human-like Voiceovers: Add a human touch to your videos with over 100 unique AI-rendered speakers, bringing authenticity to your narrative.

  • Broad Language Support: Shatter language barriers with Dubverse's support for 30+ languages. Extend your content's reach and watch your video creation ROI soar.

  • Accurate Subtitle Generation: Make your videos globally accessible with precise, AI-powered subtitles. Enjoy an SEO boost with multilingual subtitles.

  • Seamless Script Editing: Benefit from Dubverse's top-tier script editor with real-time translation, streamlining your editing process.

Dubverse is not just a tool but a revolutionary ally in video editing and localization. It simplifies the task of creating multilingual video content, ensuring your content echoes far and wide, and connects with audiences globally.


Dubverse Pricing Plans

Dubverse offers two pricing plans:

  1. Free ($0/month)

  2. Pro ($29/month)


The Final Word

Embracing AI-powered video editing tools is no longer just a trend but a necessity for professionals seeking to improve their content and efficiency. Wisecut, Wondershare Filmora, Veed, InVideo, Descript, and Dubverse each offer unique AI capabilities that streamline workflows and enhance creativity.

The right tool for you depends on your specific needs and budget. So, explore these tools, take advantage of the free trials or various pricing tiers, and elevate your video content. With AI in your corner, the potential to revolutionize your workplace performance is immense.


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