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5 Best AI Social Media Tools for 2024

In a world where social media continually redefines communication and business, we stand on the precipice of an AI revolution. As we navigate this transformation, AI Social Media Tools show significant promise and groundbreaking innovation. These cutting-edge platforms harness the power of AI to revolutionize how businesses approach social media, offering more innovative, efficient, and intuitive ways to connect with audiences and achieve your social media goals.

In this blog post, we're diving into the 5 Best AI Social Media Tools for 2024. We've done the digging to bring you the tools at the forefront of AI innovation, delivering unparalleled features and capabilities that can transform your social media efforts. Whether you're looking to enhance content creation, improve scheduling, gain deep insights, or boost your brand's online presence, there's an AI tool on this list designed to meet your needs. Let's explore the future of social media strategy with these game-changing AI tools.

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The 5 Best AI Social Media Tools for 2024

1 - Ocoya

Ocoya Website Homepage


Meet Ocoya, an AI-powered social media tool transforming how businesses manage their digital presence. Its robust suite of features can dramatically enhance how you create and disseminate content, locally or globally.


  • AI Writing: Ocoya's AI assistant can generate marketing text for social media posts or blogs in 26 languages, making content creation more efficient and diverse.

  • Content Creation: Generate diverse types of content - images, videos, or even music, to keep your social media channels vibrant and engaging.

  • Scheduling: Plan, schedule, and approve your content ahead of time - even years in advance, for better time management and peace of mind.

  • Analytics: Leverage instant insights and automated reporting on performance or reach for data-driven decisions.

  • Integrations: Ocoya integrates seamlessly with over 30 platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

With its advanced AI capabilities and comprehensive feature set, Ocoya is more than just a social media tool. It's a smart solution to streamline social media management and drive performance. For those seeking to modernize their social media approach with an AI-centric solution, Ocoya warrants serious consideration.


Ocoya Pricing Plans

Ocoya has four pricing plans:

  1. Bronze ($19/month or $15/month if billed annually)

  2. Silver ($49/month or $39/month if billed annually)

  3. Gold ($99/month or $79/month if billed annually)

  4. Diamond ($199/month or $159/month if billed annually)


2 - Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics Website Homepage


Mentionlytics is an advanced social media monitoring tool that uses artificial intelligence to track and analyze digital conversations about your brand, competitors, and industry. This capability is essential to businesses as it allows for effective online reputation management, instant awareness of customer sentiment, swift response to potential crises, and keen insights into competitors' strategies.


  • AI-Powered Social Listening: Mentionlytics uses AI to find and analyze your brand mentions in real-time, providing instant insights.

  • Broad AI-Driven Media Monitoring: Mentionlytics' AI capabilities span different media platforms, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your brand's presence online.

  • AI-Facilitated Real-Time Engagement: This tool allows you to join and respond to brand conversations as they occur, ensuring proactive reputation management and crisis response when needed.

  • Sentiment Analysis via AI: Mentionlytics uses AI to quickly categorize public sentiment towards your brand, enabling an accurate understanding of audience opinion.

  • AI-Enabled Competitor Analysis: The platform lets you monitor competitor activities using AI, giving you the insights to stay ahead and competitive.

Mentionlytics is not just about gathering data—it’s about turning it into practical strategies that drive success. It's an invaluable tool for professionals seeking to enhance their brand's online engagement, manage their reputation, and gain a competitive edge in social media marketing.


Mentionlytics Pricing Plans

Mentionlytics has four pricing plans:

  1. Basic ($49/month or $41/month if billed annually)

  2. Essential ($99/month or $83/month if billed annually)

  3. Advanced ($199/month or $166/month if billed annually)

  4. Pro ($299/month or $249/month if billed annually)


3 - Chatfuel

Chatfuel Website Homepage


Chatfuel is an AI-driven messaging platform that transforms e-commerce marketing and sales campaigns. It enhances customer engagement on WhatsApp, utilizing AI and chatbots to augment lead generation, upselling, cross-selling, and ultimately boosting revenue.


  • AI-Powered Customer Engagement: Employ AI to recover abandoned carts, upsell and cross-sell, driving conversions and elevating customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced Integration and Segmentation: Combine your store data, CRM, or CDP with Chatfuel API. Segment your audience for tailored engagement and use A/B testing for optimal messaging.

  • ChatGPT Integration: Harness your WhatsApp potential, fostering deeper customer engagement and growth with seamless integration of ChatGPT.

  • Multiple Agents, Single Number: Expedite customer service and response times, allowing multiple agents to manage a single WhatsApp number.

Chatfuel's AI capabilities automate customer service, tailor messaging, and increase sales. With its unique ability to enhance WhatsApp customer interactions through advanced AI, chatbot technology, and seamless integrations, Chatfuel empowers professionals to take their social media strategies to new heights.


Chatfuel Pricing Plans

Chatfuel has two pricing plans:

  1. Basic (From $49/month)

  2. Essential (From $300/month)


4 - Predis Website Homepage


Predis is an AI-driven social media tool integrating the functionalities of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite. Designed for creators, agencies, and e-commerce stores, this platform helps you generate and manage multimedia content, harnessing your brand's unique language.


  • Multi-Platform Content: Generate videos, carousels, and posts in one place for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

  • AI Video Generation: Generate high-quality videos to interact directly with your audience. Creating Instagram Reels and TikTok videos is a breeze with Predis’s hundreds of templates.

  • Intelligent Post Scheduling: Let AI guide your post timings, optimizing reach and engagement.

  • Insightful Competitor Analysis: Gain an edge with AI-powered competitor strategy analysis, and understand their social media behavior.

  • Creative Content Idea Generation: Never run out of innovative content ideas tailored to engage your audience, creating a content calendar in minutes.

Predis optimizes your social media strategy with its array of features. It offers a blend of creative content generation, smart scheduling, and strategic insights, making it a robust partner in effectively executing your social media initiatives.

Pricing Pricing Plans

Predis has four pricing plans:

  1. Free ($0/month)

  2. Solo (29/month or $24/month if billed annually)

  3. Starter ($59/month or $49/month if billed annually)

  4. Agency ($139/month or $115/month if billed annually)


5 - Brand24

Brand24 Website Homepage


Imagine a tool that allows professionals to manage their brand's online presence while transforming vast data into real-time, actionable insights. That's Brand24, an AI-powered tool that dives into the internet to capture your brand mentions across various platforms - from social media to blogs to reviews - and brings them right to you.


  • AI-Powered Monitoring: Tracks over 25 million sources in real-time, capturing every crucial mention with a nuanced understanding of digital language, including sarcasm.

  • Advanced Sentiment Analysis: Acts as your personal brand advisor, classifying online chatter into positive, negative, or neutral for a crystal-clear view of your brand perception.

  • Powerful Metrics: Meaningful metrics that summarize your online presence, reach, and engagement, helping you assess marketing campaign success and your competition.

  • Customer Insights: Provides deep customer insights, helping you grasp what your audience loves or loathes about your brand and informing impactful strategies.

  • Hashtag Tracking: Provides rich hashtag insights, helping you discover influencers, evaluate hashtag campaigns, and gauge the volume of hashtag mentions.

Brand24 transcends mere social media monitoring. It's a strategic edge, delivering comprehensive tracking, sentiment analysis, actionable metrics, and customer insights to enhance your brand's online management. From safeguarding reputation to competitor analysis to gaining deep customer insights, Brand24 boosts your brand's social media performance.


Brand24 Pricing Plans

Brand24 has four pricing plans:

  1. Individual ($79/month or $69/month if billed annually)

  2. Team ($149/month or $129/month if billed annually)

  3. Pro ($199/month or $179/month if billed annually)

  4. Enterprise ($399/month or $349/month if billed annually)


The Final Word

Exploring these AI Social Media Tools underscores artificial intelligence's significant role in redefining our social media approach. Ocoya, Mentionlytics, Chatfuel, Predis, and Brand24 each offer unique solutions, streamlining operations and enhancing outcomes in their own ways.

The right social media tool for your business depends on your specific needs and goals. Regardless, embracing these AI advancements is vital to stay ahead in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. As AI evolves, we can expect even greater innovation and sophistication in social media strategy and workplace performance. The future of social media is AI-driven, and the growth potential is fascinating.



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